To most people the memorabilia business is just that, a business. Not for us!

For us, this is a passion, a love. every item we produce is produced with the care and attention that has been given for years to our very own personal collections.

Our attitude is such that is we were buying this piece, would we be happy with it’s detail and attention to quality? I ask myself, would I buy this item? If the answer is yes, then it is released for sale, but if I am not happy with it then this item will go back to the drawing board and the whole process of design will start once again. One prime reason we stand out from the crowd is we don’t have salespeople working interested in just making a sale ….. we are lovers, admirers, collector’s! That’s what makes the difference!

Whilst other so called memorabilia specialists are interested in sales and turnover, we put more emphasis in design, perfection, quality ….. after all, an autographed piece of memorabilia is a lifetime investment. It is a gift that has been given in appreciation of what it is. It’s an investment into the preservation of history.

We here at Z Motorsport Memorabilia take pride in offering only the finest genuine hand signed collectible memorabilia. We obtain our autographs one way only, directly from the celebrities direct, through private signings under licence witnessed directly by a representative of Z Motorsport Memorabilia or a duly appointed person on our behalf. This way we know that every single item has truly been signed by the celebrity and we can therefore offer a lifetime authenticity guarantee.


Special moments in history require preservation. Scientific and technological breakthrough’s mean this process is winning. These points are ensuring that the next achievement is safely preserved for our lifetime and that of our children and grandchildren. Each and every moment in history can be retained by that one special piece of history hanging on your office or home wall. The art these days is in the making and detail in ensuring perfection. The process begins with high quality paper. We only stock papers from reputable suppliers of archival stock, rated up to as much as 250 years!This means that our items won’t go yellow, develop mold and fall apart with age. Digital or offset inks used MUST be colorfast, lightfast nd non reactive to bright lighting.

Be confident in the thought that at Z Motorsport Memorabilia you will not find cheap, nasty and undesirable materials in any of our products.

The pens used in signing are also trialed and tested extensively. We only use specially formulated pigmented inks for autographs so we can ensure that you will not be left with just an expensive print and faded autograph. Last, but not least, is the framing. The idea behind framing is to preserve the signed item. Your autographed item must be able to be pulled out of its frame in pristine condition. That is what we guarantee you! We strive to use the best possible products and materials when putting your frame together. Everyone has a budget and we here at Z Motorsport Memorabilia strive to find the perfect balance between your budget and highest quality products. Be confident in the thought that at Z Motorsport Memorabilia you will not find cheap, nasty and undesirable materials in any of our products. You will be as proud to hang your item on your wall as we were in making it.


Our products are not pre-printed with replica or stamped autographs, nor do we use any other method of signing such as secretarial signatures or autopen. Our products are the real deal! If an item contains a preprinted signature, then it is clearly marked on the rear as such with a bold sticker.

If one of our people haven’t seen it signed, we don’t sell it! All our items come with an unconditional lifetime authenticity guarantee to the original purchaser. We stand by our product so much that we offer a 200% money back guarantee on any autograph proven to be anything other than that which we claim in the Certificate of Authenticity and Limitation.

Every item we produce is photographed, numbered, cataloged and databased for future reference, then a Certificate of Authenticity and Limitation is issued prior to the item being shipped. We do not issue third party certificates, we issue our own on all our products! We keep all records of what the item looked like the day it left our control to go to you.

If one of our people haven’t seen it signed, we don’t sell it!

Please keep in mind that any autographed item you purchase that has a Certificate of Authenticity is only as good as the company you bough it from. When buying we suggest that you check out the background of that company, how well are they know? Is there a list of known and reputable companies they deal with? With technology the way it is these days, anyone with a home computer and printer can come up with a Certificate of Authenticity, but can they back it up with their reputation like we can?

One last thing to keep in mind when buying motorsport memorabilia, especially V8 Supercar memorabilia is how the autograph was obtained. We here at Z Motorsport Memorabilia deal direct with each team we represent. This means that not only can you be assured that you are getting the real thing in your autographed item, but you can rest assured that you are supporting your team financially too! Buying from online auctions or through other means can be risky, you could be buying a non licensed item and cheating the team you love and support of financial support. Have a look at the item you are buying, does it have a Z Motorsport Memorabilia Certificate of Authenticity? If not, ask the seller to prove to to you they are selling you a licensed product, if they can’t we suggest then you look elsewhere as you may not be getting the real deal!


Zoran Lendrec has been associated with V8 Supercars for over 15 years now. As any commercial manager at any race team and they will have dealt with him and know of him personally. You can also see Zoran at almost every race event on the circuit. He has dedicated a lot of time and effort into building relationships with the race teams.

A short walk along pit lane and you can quickly realise that Z Motorsport Memorabilia and Zoran Lendrec strive for perfection, something that almost every team in pit lane realises, that is why they use Z Motorsport Memorabilia as their official licensed memorabilia supplier.

In 2017 Z Motorsport Memorabilia is not just a supplier, but also a series partner with the Porsche Carrera Cup Series, the GT3 Cup and Australia GT Series. You will see the Z Motorsport Memorabilia logo on EVERY car in those series, along with personal sponsorships or numerous drivers in many levels of motorsport in Australia. We’re about commitment to the sport, not just about memorabilia.